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The range of new or used equipment you can lease is limited to your imagination. Businesses rely on a  variety of  equipment  and technology  in order  to operate.  The right equipment can help your business run more efficiently so you can meet the demands of your customers and/or vendors.
Whether you’re in the  manufacturing, industrial, transportation, hospitality, technology, energy, construction,  aviation, or healthcare and medical  industry,  you  rely  on  additional up-to-date equipment and technology,  some of which is highly specialized.   Equipment  financing  lets  you  address all of  your equipment needs for a price that works perfectly with your budget. We can help you acquire it with our affordable financing solutions.
To get the equipment you need without using up your company's cash reserve or credit line, look to Allied Capital Group. We specialize in equipment leasing and financing.

Benefits of Equipment Financing


Preservation Of Cash

Equipment financing allows for the preservation of cash. Having cash on hand provides the flexibility and security today’s businesses rely on for running the day-to-day operations and gives the necessary “cushion” for unexpected expenses and emergencies.

Tax Savings And Benefits

Equipment leasing might offer potential tax savings and benefits not available by purchasing the equipment outright. Business owners also save on additional expenses associated with equipment, insurance and maintenance.

Improved Efficiency

Supplying  your business with the right equipment can help increase sales, improve efficiency and make a dramatic improvement in your bottom line.

Newest Technology

Newest equipment offers business owners the opportunity to become pioneers in their industry. No longer business owners need to worry about equipment depreciation or worse, becoming obsolete.

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