We are a leading provider of technology-enabled credit card processing services, with expertise and experience in meeting the unique needs of all types of businesses


Everywhere you go, from retail stores to farmer’s markets, today's consumers want to pay with credit cards. Credit cards make it easy for businesses and households alike to track spending, earn rewards and enjoy the security benefits afforded by today's credit card companies. Credit card transactions are quick, easy and secure. Companies who do not accept credit cards find they are losing customers to their competitors who do.
Allied Capital Group has been providing merchant accounts and credit card processing to businesses in every sector. Today, hundreds of businesses trust Allied Capital Group with their credit card processing needs. Our compassionate and knowledgeable sales consultants will patiently guide business owners through every step of the process that is involved with facilitating the ability to accept credit cards.
Allied Capital Group offers retail and restaurant terminals, POS systems, mobile payment processing, phone and mail order processing, digital loyalty programs, e-commerce solutions, and serves customers in almost all industries in order to fulfill their individual business' needs.
The terminals and POS systems provided by Allied Capital Group are fully EMV compliant. What does this mean for business owners? EMV is a "smart chip" system that has been in use in Europe for years and is being rolled out in the United States. EMV offers increased security over traditional magnetic stripe systems.  
Allied Capital Group offers 24/7 toll-free technical and customer support, a simple application, same-day approvals, and no contract term limits or cancellation fees. New customers can even receive an EMV/NFC credit card terminal for $0 and free credit card swiper for their mobile phone, just for signing up with Allied Capital Group.*
Allied Capital Group offers extremely competitive rates. In fact, we will provide a free $50 AMEX gift card to anyone who can show that another company will provide a better overall rate structure than Allied Capital Group is able to offer. Get a free quote today with no obligations and speak with one of our friendly, competent sales consultants.